Bedroom Bliss

Villa in Cambodia

Could you imagine waking up to this every morning? Personally, I would probably never leave this room if it belonged to me....and isn't that how a bedroom should make you feel? Our bedroom is where we spend a large portion of our time, it's where the romance happens and yet it's lacking in that very department. 

We have you covered though, creating lasting romance and a restful retreat is actually quite easy to do...and here's 5 ways to do it:

1. Clear the Clutter. 

Get rid of the laundry baskets, junk piles, and stacks of mail. There is nothing sexy about dirty socks and you want to turn this room into a destination.

2.  Unplug the electronics.

I know this is a tough one, but all of those things are a distraction. They distract you from sleep, from relaxing and from your partner. 

3. Lighting. 

So lighting is huge for setting the mood and overhead lighting is the worse thing to happen to a bedroom. The light is harsh and bright and goes against everything you want to achieve. The easiest way to get around that is with candles. They are inexpensive, replaceable and  they can be put in lanterns or strategically placed around the room (just be careful not to knock them over..ha). Another option is adding various lamps, both hanging and table lamps, to achieve different levels of lighting. In addition to creating ambiance, this lighting calms you down before bed and more importantly it makes your skin look great and creates sexy silhouettes. 

we also happen to have lots of lights over in merch.

4. Luxurious fabrics.

So this doesn't necessarily mean that you should have silk sheets, but texture is important. You want your bedding to be soft, elegant, simple and fresh.

4a. The canopy bed. 

Okay, so this isn't a requirement but I felt obligated to mention the sexiness of a canopy bed, and I don't know if it's all the draped fabric or the isolation of it but I couldn't continue this post without it's honorable mention.

5. A room with a view. 

Think about your last vacation and where you stayed. Think about how looking out at your surroundings made you feel. For me it was the beach and looking out at the water from my bed. The sight alone relaxed me in ways that I can't even describe. And while most of us can't up and move to the beach, there is a way to bring that view to you. Murals and wall art are easy and pretty inexpensive ways to recreate your favorite destinations.

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So now my friends...go off and prosper. 

Raina out.