The Best of the Best: Sofa Edition

The best part of mid-century modern design is the clean lines and timeless feel. It has always amazed me how something created over 50 years ago can still feel like it's before it's time.  That feeling seems to hold true whether it's a side table, house or sofa. It's simplicity and sleekness also makes it easy to pair with other styles. So today I've scoured the internet focusing on the best sofa's that fit the bill...and not just any sofa but the wood frame mid-century modern sofa. 

Extra long Mid-century modern sofa with built-in side table. You can find this beauty over in the Merch section.

Fascinating Mid-century modern sofa with wood frame.  

Adrian Pearsall Mid-century modern sofa with built-in side tables.

Enjoy Y'all!

Raina out.

Mid-century modern sofa with traditional hole to hole strand caning on sides. 

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