Sleeping in Style: Overnights with Frank Lloyd Wright

There's no way to discuss modern design without paying homage to Frank Lloyd Wright.  Wright merged nature and architecture in a way that has compelled universities to initiate courses on his work, professional photographers to fill their largest memory cards trying to capture a quintessential portrait of his masterpieces, and left us all awestruck decades and decades post construction.   

A few years back I visited Fallingwater, and as I drooled my way through room after room, I couldn’t help but imagine waking up to the sound of the Pennsylvania waterfall that inspired the work of art.  To fully experience this amalgamation as it was intended.  While Fallingwater isn’t available to overnight guests, a few of Wright’s homes are available to the public & they do not disappoint:


The Emil Bach House

Chicago, IL

The Emil Bach House was built one block away from Chicago’s East Rogers Park neighborhood in 1915.  Although originally constructed with a view of Lake Michigan, modern construction has obstructed a bit of Lloyd Wright’s original vision of this Prairie-style house.  Guests can enjoy one of the two guest rooms or opt to rent the entire home.  However, you may want to bookmark this one for special occasions only as rates start at $995 per night.

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Palmer House

Ann Arbor, MI 

This brick and cypress multilevel is from Wright’s later years, and designed with deep overhangs, signature cantilevered terraces, and a unique floor plan based on an equilateral triangle.  Guest reviews from the property range from awestruck to jaw dropping, and all levels of architectural-lust in between.  The two acres of woodlands surrounding the property include a small tea house, complete with working fireplace.  

The Palmer House is available for event rentals for up to 25 people or nightly starting at $350 per night.

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Bernard Schwartz House

Two Rivers, WI

One of the most well known Frank Lloyd Wright works, and a blueprint for his more affordable Usonian style, the Bernard Schwartz House was commissioned by LIFE magazine in 1948. The publication challenged 8 distinguished architects to design houses for the typical American families with annual incomes ranging from $2,000 to $10,000, with this particular home designed to be affordable for an income of around $5000 a year.

Renters here can enjoy the view from an interior balcony overlooking the 65 foot recreation room, and lounge on original furniture designed by Wright as well. Nightly rentals range from $295 to $425 with a two night minimum stay.

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Louis Penfield House

Willoughby, OH

The Louis Penfield House is also built in Wright’s Usionin style, but was designed for an original occupant of 6’8”.  This detail means ceilings and fixtures that are much higher than Wright’s signature low ceilings, generally used to create a feeling of welcome and warmth in his homes.  He did, however, still achieve the feeling of warmth with narrow entryways opening into great rooms, central fireplaces, and floor to ceiling windows.  

Lonely Planet once voted the Louis Penfield house as the number one romantic getaway in America!!!!  All yours to experience for $275-300 a night.  As of the date of this post, you can also purchase this property for a cool $2.1 million.

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The Duncan House

Acme, PA

The Duncan House was built in 1957 in Lisle, IL. This was one of the few Frank Lloyd Wright houses that was dismantled and moved. It's new location is in Polymath Park, in the heart of Acme, PA about 45 minutes from his famous Fallingwater House. 

This house is spacious, bright and once again affordable. The house was originally $47,000, which translates to about $350,000 in today's market. The Duncan House was another example of Wright's attempt to allow the middle-class to the leave "the box." The exterior is adorned with stripes in Wright's signature color - Cherokee red, and the interior remains true to the year that it was built.

This one-story design features large windows, cathedral-style ceilings, a three step drop to the living room, a carport door leading to the kitchen and a glass shower stall in the master bathroom. 

This incredible house is all yours to experience for $275-$399 per night. 

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Have you stayed in any of Frank Lloyd Wright’s works of art? Give us the scoop!!! 

P.S. Stay tuned we have the inside on a house at Polymath Park.