Frank Lloyd Wright Part Deux - Polymath Park

Have you ever sat and closed your eyes and imagined your dream home? Whether it's a house in the mountains, a trendy loft in the middle of the city or a bungalow on the beach...

I love houses so I do it more often than i'll ever admit to. In my head it's a rancher with skylights galore and floor to ceiling windows that allow light to flood the house. There is a balcony or patio door off the bedroom that allows the cool outside air in to comfort you while you sleep. There is a fireplace of course to offset the night air and concrete floors. I imagine a house that allows you to bring the outside in a seamless merger of nature and home. 

The dream house...looks a lot like this:

This is the Blum House, designed by Peter Berndtson, an apprentice of the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Berndtson is best known for his work at Polymath Park in Laurel Highlands, Pennsylvania. There are three homes in this park, two designed by Berndtson and one designed by Frank Lloyd Wright himself, the Duncan House. These homes are about 30 minutes away from Frank Lloyd Wrights' masterpiece, Fallingwater. 

So the very best and most important part of this house and all of the houses in Polymath Park is that you can rent them. That's can vacation in this very house. A very beautiful 3br 2ba rancher (See FLW Part 1).

I stumbled onto the website while looking into visiting Fallingwater for spring break and it was probably the best thing that I have found on the internet to-date. 

So in my eagerness to get inside I didn't take one picture of the front of the house. The picture above is the back of the house. But please believe, I took pictures of everything else!

So I won't keep you waiting any longer, here is the Blum House.

This is the first thing that you see when you walk in. Also notice the skylights. 

Living Room

Look at that view.

Living Room

Living Room


     3rd Bedroom


2nd Bedroom

Waking up in the Master Bedroom


     Master Bedroom