The Painted China Hutch: Friend or Foe?

Some may think that painting solid wood furniture is an abomination, and in some cases it is, but done with the right pieces, it can be the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to breath new life into a  piece of furniture.  

       Could ever possibly turn into something like this....

Sometimes it's hard to see how a piece like this....

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Now that isn't the same china hutch of course, but sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to see a piece in a new light.

So here is a little more inspiration to help get the wheels turning.

This beauty has great bones so it doesn't take a lot to breath new life into it. The back is mirrored with glass shelving placed in front. Although this hutch is large those elements in particular keep it feeling light and open. This was seen at South Shore Decorating.

This incredible china hutch has been updated to perfection, while keeping it's delicate and antique feeling. The beautiful stenciling on the back of the hutch ties together the crisp white color of the exterior with the touch of gold on the handles and hinges. This was seen at Honey Sweet Home

Never be afraid of a little color. This china hutch was painted an amazing shade of orange and the back was hand painted. This was seen at Sawdust and Embryos.

I think this china hutch speaks for itself. Painted a clean white, this allows for the brass hardware to really stand out. That hardware is complimented by the brass-toned radiator cover stapled to the back. This was seen at HGTV.

So maybe all wood pieces shouldn't be painted but I definitely think the painted hutch is our friend. Would you agree?